#1GAM One Game A Month Submission No. 0 Post Mortem and The New Year

this article cites points made much more eloquently over this-a-way[link] 

My 2017 New Years Resolutions:
  • Settle for Imperfection
  • Release Early and Often (despite better judgment)
  • Accept My Limitations
Now wait a second... this does not sound like the right resolutions at all! What can someone manage to do with such a defeatist attitude? Well these are the formulaic principles of deploying indie games especially during a game jam. My resolution, of course, is to complete one game a month for the #1GAM challenge hosted by McFunkypants

Now, cast in a better light, those resolutions certainly apply. 
Settle for Imperfection - you will never created a finished game in one month; some argue there is no such thing as a finished game or work! There needs to be acceptance of quality fall off in various areas to release a playable, enjoyable product in 30 days (with life and the like banging on your door). 
Release Early and Often - this is key for most projects managed in an agile development setting. The "despite better judgment" is really my own negative spin on it. You wont be able to add in your 50 mini-boss rush any time soon, so don't relay release or give up because of it.
Accept my Limitations - now this is key and is at the heart of why so many games are left unreleased. There are few if any renaissance game developers with the breadth of knowledge and skill to churn out quality art, sound, story and mechanics without any trouble in a crunch time situation. So, what do when you need a sprite or a riveting track? Make use of friends, family, your surroundings, and of course the public domain. Don't turn away simply because you cannot craft every asset on your own!! (Partially speaking to myself here)

This is what makes #1GAM so challenging - you are given a time frame in the game dev cycle  no-mans-land, where games go to die due to the lack of the above mantras. Some time you need to simply "C'est la vie"

I implore you to read through McFunkypant's post on tutsplus (linked at the start) as it provides even greater depth of detail on creating one game a month. Will I be able to keep with the resolutions this year? In due time, we will see! I've submitted a game for Dec 2016's #1GAM to test the waters and all I can say is that I need to speed up my work, and stick to the resolutions!

If you feel so inclined, try out Saison as hosted on itch.io:

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