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I go by Stencil Chris, I am an monnlighting hobbyist indie game dev and day-time software professional. I run this Post-Mortem / random musings blog and currently (as of 2017) my ambition is completing a year-long #1GAM (one game a month) challenge. Many of my posts will revolve around that.

Some games that I have worked on (the list is growing at this veery second)
  • Saison - A Love Letter to Japanese SHMUPs
    • PC
  • Dig Diggity - Dig a hole, grab some gold, and save your friend!
  • Kitty City - Match happy kitties in this fast-paced puzzle game
  • Upperman - ... everyone needs a Flappy Bird clone, amirite?
Game Jam Games
  • All Hands On Duck! - A quick polished mini game created during Global Game Jam 2017
    • Microsoft + Playcrafting Global Game Jam 2017
    • Web
  • Room Wars - "Room based" RPG/Fighting Game reminiscent of Street Fighter 2 era
    • For Ludum Dare 37
    • Web
  • Total Irrigation - Irrigation based puzzle game
    • For Ludum Dare 36
    • Web

For professional / business inquiries please feel free to contact me at stencil (dot) chris (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Thanks and have a great day!

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